This project entailed the comprehensive development and design of a brand identity for our client, culminating in the creation of 'Benelife.' The name was chosen to evoke a sense of holistic well-being and vitality, reflecting our client's mission. Drawing inspiration from nature and the principles of Benefit branding, we carefully curated a color palette dominated by refreshing green hues and soft, rounded shapes.
Crafting the brand from scratch involved creating a brand inspiration mood board, meticulously selecting a color palette, designing a distinctive logo that encapsulated our mission, and developing various graphic design elements. In addition, we produced mockups that visually conveyed the essence of "Benelife” to our target audience.
This deliberate choice imbued the brand with a serene and harmonious aesthetic, symbolizing its commitment to simplicity, space, and the transformative power of eco-conscious design.
Torrens University Sydney, Australia
October 2023
Brand DevelopmentBrand IdentityTypographyPrint MaterialsSocial Media