Design Identity

Despotoski David A00116111

0. Executive Summary

This sculpture, or this object, consisting of a brown rope, a mirror, and an orange rope, carries a profound symbolic narrative that captures the essence of human experience and perception. The rope's ability to be woven and tangled mirrors the complexities of existence.
The mirror, in this concept, serves as a representation of reflection and self-awareness. Its role is various: it reflects both the touchable world around us and the untouchable world within us.
The brown rope, tangled and chaotic, mirrors the intricate and often messy nature of life.It embodies the challenges and chaos. The tangled rope's reflection emphasizes the interconnectedness of these life experiences.
On the other side of the mirror, is the orange rope, and it represents an alternative perspective on life – one of harmony and peace. Its arrangement as flat and bent suggests an organization and intentionality.
1. Mirror2. Brown rope3. Orange rope

1. Photo

3. Presentation

Design Identity

Assessment 4

Student: Despotoski David A00116111Instructor: Dzonlagic Haris

Sydney, 26.08.2023