University American College SkopjeMaster ThesisDavid Despotoski




BrandingGraphic DesignIndustrial Design


Design and development of a lighting element, making a functional product, branding and promotion.
Industrial designers create and develop concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value, and aesthetics of products, environments, systems, and services for the benefit of the user, industry, and society. Industrial design involves combinations of disciplines, science and technology, and the visual arts, and requires problem-solving and communication skills.
Design of floor lamps, table lamps, wall and ceiling light. It is necessary to do research on market needs, latest design trends in industrial design and the use of materials. Development of several conceptual graphic design solutions, sketches and 3D models. Selection of the final solution and its complete completion.
The principles of good design are applied to create an effective composition or design. The basis of any design is the arrangement of design elements by applying design principles. The form is determined by the content and the function. The important principles on which the design is developed will be covered through research.