Design Context - Assessment 4

Assessment 4

Case Study. Explored Using Time, Space, Motion Techniques

Design Context

Despotoski David A00116111

0. Executive Summary

The case study's discoveries about typography's role in graphic design become more than just words on a page, transforming into a captivating visual story. Imagine typography as stars in the night sky, each typeface like a unique constellation, shaping the SPACE of design. Over time, these constellations shift and change, like the Earth's changing landscape, revealing layers of history like TIME's geological layers.
MOTION comes alive through typography, where letters and words move like dancers in a cosmic ballet, guiding our eyes across the design like planets orbiting the sun. Just as a river's flow shapes the land it carves through, typography shapes the way we experience visual information. The interactive infographics become like time machines, letting us journey through different epochs, exploring their essence through SPACE, TIME, and MOTION.
This visual interpretation takes us on a journey through the universe of design, where typography is the language of the stars, the sculptor of history, and the conductor of movement. By using these metaphors, we uncover a deeper understanding of how typography weaves its magic beyond the surface of words, inviting us to explore a world where SPACE, TIME, and MOTION converge to tell a captivating story.
1. Exploring space, time, and motion
2. Time-lapse photography
3. 3d software
4. Motion graphics
5. Traditional animation techniques
6. Conclusion
7. Reference list

1. Presentation

7. Photos

For this video, 222 photos were used, which were taken in the previous 12 days.
They are taken from several different books from our library.

Fluid Web typography. A guide
The Thames and Hudson manual of Typography
Lettering & Type. Creating letters and Designing typefaces
A 2 Z and More Signs

222 Photos

7. Video

This video shows the transformation of the letter "A". in different fonts, sizes, shapes, and letters.


Design Context

Assessment 4

Student: Despotoski David A00116111
Instructor: Carlstrom Ingrid

Sydney, 22.08.2023