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We’re an international creative studio.

We’re Despot Design, a small, but well-formed interactive design studio, founded in 2008 by David Despotoski, an experienced web and graphic designer. We’re based in Macedonia and work from our offices in Skopje and Sydney.

We always strive to innovate and user experience is at the core of our business, factoring into every aspect of what we do.
We offer a full host of interactive design services and have a smooth, transparent, and well-managed process that our clients love. We don’t just work with enterprise-level businesses either, in fact, we love working with startups and small, home-grown outfits as well. We appreciate that every business has different challenges and our experience allows for the right approach at every level.
/ Overview

Ideas are critical to the way we work.

We like them to be direct, distilled, and demand people’s attention. And we make sure they end up looking handsome too, through a combination of visual flair, craft skills, and attention to detail.
Our clients come from all kinds of sectors, which keeps us fresh and the work interesting. We like to keep the studio grounded and friendly, enjoy the process of collaboration, and have happy, regular clients who don’t stay away for long.
/ Statistic

Studio Snapshot.



2008-2023 - Founded a million years ago.



While we’re proud of our history and our accomplishments, we’re loyal to our future.



Two offices. Skopje & Sydney.



Strategy. Brand Experience. Digital Experience. Content. Technology. We’re uniquely built to build brands that matter in culture.



More than 200+ completed projects.

Our team


3 members in Skopje.
2 members in Sydney.
/ Who we are

Team & Leadership.

We’re all from different backgrounds and cultures and have different abilities and skills. However, we’re skinned together (united) by our diversity and mutual ability to empathize.

David Despotoski


Martin Petrovski

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Dime Vakanski

Web Developer

Goran Dimov

3D Design & Animation